Welcome to A Series of Tubes, the Internet Board Game!

For 2+ players



Be the first player to collect (and keep) 10 cookies and enter the winning square. You may move in any direction, as long as the squares are touching or “hyperlinked” by tubes.



  • Go to Random.org for the dice and select “2” for the number of dice to roll. You could use real dice, but that’s not very internet-y right?
  • Click “Game Board” in the menu above (or here) to get the image and then print it out (or maybe just display it on your tablet).
  • Start here with the Top Draw Card (or click “Cards” in the menu above) and then “draw” cards by clicking Random in the navigation bar below each card

How to Play

  1. Roll dice to determine who goes first and then play will move in a clockwise direction.
  2. For each turn, the player rolls dice to determine the number of squares to move.
  3. If the square contains instructions, the player will complete the task and then play moves to the next player.
  4. ???
  5. Profit!